Bag packed. Have I got the airline tickets, the bus tickets, the Blues tickets,  address, phone and anything else that’s necessary? I think so. Sophie’s waiting. “Come on mum or you’ll miss the plane.” Bye to all the visiting grandkids and in the car I go.

Freedom! Plane lands, bus is waiting, address reached and  happy welcomes  finished. Now its time for 3 days of the Blues Festival.

The site was filled with  movement and sound. An air of anticipation hung over the people. Black,white and brindled, old, young and in-between, dreadlocks, bald, straight, gay, hippy, pensioner; All searched the 5 marquees for the sounds that took their fancy. 

Over 90 brilliant musicians performed this year in one hour time slots. The music ranged from the legendry blues of Taj Mahal to the soothing sounds of Jack Johnson.

 On the last evening though, nothing could take away the sheer joy and exuberance  felt on hearing Daddy Cool pumping out Eagle Rock.Daddy Cool-Eagle Rock (Rare Alt Clip-1971)

It was FUN! FUN! FUN!


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