About 25 years ago I was given the nickname Gypsy and it has stuck. At the time, I couldn’t understand the reason but over the years it has become clear. Gypsy by name – Gypsy by nature.I  love exploring new places and meeting people from other lands. It helps me to understand this world. Since my husband’s death  in 1991, I have made many journeys overseas.

My sport is triathlon and usually an overseas triathlon is my excuse to travel. Consequently I have competed in 13 Age Group Triathlon World Championships. After each race I endeavour to plan an interesting journey which often includes my bicycle. This has resulted in me cycling  with friends in many countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Austria, Italy and Ireland. I have had so much fun exploring these lands on my bicycle.

Sometimes the distances are too vast . I travelled by plane, boat  and train to visit Lapland and the Galapagos Islands. The native people from Lapland (Inuits) made me aware of the effects of global warming on their land. Where I come from the majority are sceptics as all they notice is the increase in temperature.

I was amazed at the variety of animals in the protected Galapagos Islands. One island was home to Flamingos and another to Iguanas. They all appeared to have no predators. I walked past about 15 seals lying on the sand and they took no notice of me.

Another passion of mine is writing. At first, whilst travelling, I would write small notebooks of my travels. As the internet became more popular my friends had to endure extraordinarily long emails . Then I learned about blogs and facebook. A Belgian friend tried to encourage me set up a Blog page but for the last 10 months I have avoided  learning how.  I thought it was too hard. My local friends are not the techno youth of today so I couldn’t get any help from them.

So here I am, ready to learn as much as I can of this relatively new medium. Hopefully, my readers  will have  more interesting stories to read. Please join me. I need heaps of encouragement!



4 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks Lucie. I don’t know where it’s taken. I came across it accidently while I was trying to make head and tail of everything. It was in Appearances under Themes and there’s a huge variety. It would be fun to go through your photos and make another header. I still don’t know how to collect everyone’s addresses and put them on a blogroll!!!

  1. Yes you can write and I’m wanting to know more about your travels. I too have travelled far and wide over thousands of years in my imagination but you are doing the real thing. I want lots of stories please, open up your diaries and create some great ones. You can do it or as our classmate at hope4urheart says no day but today!

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